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Perjovschi Dan

Rođen: 1961 Sibiu (RO)

Živi i radi u  Bukureštu.


George Maciunas Award 2004

European Cultural Foundation -Princess Margriett award 2012

Samostalne izložbe i projekti:

“Unframed” Kiasma Helsinki
“From the Empty Univers to the Empty Pockets” Lia and Dan Perjovschi Stacion Pristina

“Between lines” Kunstraum Stein
“Perjovschi” Rejkyavik Museum of Art
“A Retrospective” Center for Contemporary Culture, Tours
“Lia Perjovschi Knowledge Museum & Dan Perjovschi Daily, Weekly, Monthly”, ifa Gallery Berlin& Stuttgart
"Line and Erasure", Ludwigsburg Kunsthalle (with Bone Rudolf)

“Hong Kong First” ParaSite Space Hong Kong
“Not Over” MACRO Roma
“The News after the News” Total Museum of Contemporary Art Seul
“Lia Perjovschi Knowledge Museum and Dan Perjovschi Other Stories”, Club Electroputere Craiova and MAGMA Sf.Gheorghe

“Late News” Institute for Contemporary Culture, ROM Toronto;
“Drawing Institute” San Francisco Institute of the Arts, San Francisco;
“Chalk Reality” Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad;
“Lia Perjovschi Knowledge Museum & Dan Perjovschi Time Specific”, Espai d’Art Contemporani Castellon;
“Dan Perjovschi S.A” CIV Bucharest;
“Where are we now?” Ulm Kunstverein;
“Central Court” Spencer Museum, Kansas University.

“Draw-undraw-Redraw. Che Fare? series, Castello di Rivoli, Turin
“Free style” Galerie Michel Rein Paris
“(all) over and over” KIASMA Helsinki

“Recession” Ludwig Forum Aachen
“All over” Wiels Center for Contemporary Art Brussel

“What Happens to US? Project 85, MoMA New York
I am not Exotic I am Exhausted” Basel Kunsthalle
“States of Mind. Lia&Dan Perjovschi”, Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University

“The Room Drawing”, Tate Modern London
“Perjovschi”, Vanabbe Museum Eindhoven
“On the other hand”, Portikus, Frankfurt

“Naked Drawings“, Ludwig Museum Koln,

“rEST”, 48th Venice Biennial, Romanian Pavillion (with SubReal)

Geupne izložbe:

“How to tell a story” Depo Istanbul
“Ruhr Triennale” Jahrhundredshalle Bochum
“Awakening” Aichi Triennial, Aichi Cultural Center Nagoya
“Art and economics” MOCAC Krakow
“Everywhere but now” The 3rd Tessaloniki Biennale”
“For the Time being”, Bielefeld Kunsthalle
“Experienz 2” Performance Festival, Wiels Brussels
“In the Heart of a Country. The collection of the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw”, Moma Warsaw
“The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe since 1945” Palazzo Reale Milano, Kumu Art Museum Tallina
“How to put a question, Iskele 2” Tanas Berlin
“Protest Drawing”, GfZK Leipzig

“Humor Seriously” Esberg Art Museum
“Intense Proximity. La Triennale” Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Tallin Drawing Triennial
“Critique and Crisis. Art in Europe since 1945” German Historical Museum Berlin
Moving Forwards, Counting Backwards” MUAC Mexico
“About Stupidity” Petka Tikva Museum of Art Israel

“Black&White” Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw
“The Power of Doubt” Museum of Colleciones, ICO Foundation Madrid
“Terrible Beauty-Art, Crisis and Change” Dublin Contemporary
“Return” Algiers Biennial, Algiers
“LOL: A Decade of Antic Art”, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore
“Incongruous. When art makes you laugh” Musee Cantonale des Beaux Arts Lausanne
“The air we breathe” Moma San Francisco

“The Promises of the Past” Centre Pompidou Paris;
“Project Europa” Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida Gainesville;
“Focus Lodz. From the Square of Independence to the Square of Freedom” Lodz Biennial;
“Freedom of Speech” Hamburg Kunstverein, NBK Berlin;
“Nothing is forever” South London Gallery, London;
“The More I Draw” Kunstmuseum Siegen.

“ The Speectacle of the Everyday” the 10th Lyon Biennial
“Subversive Practices. Art during dictatorships” Wurttenbergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
“Seriously Funny” SMOCA Scottsdale
“Invisible borders. Europe XXL”, TriPostal, Lille

“Revolutions. Form That Turns” The 16th Sydney Biennial
“Fifth floor” Tate Liverpool

“Feeling with your mind, thinking with your senses”, 52 Venice Biennial
“Le Nuage Magellan“, Space 315, Centre Pompidou, Paris
“Brave New Worlds” Walker Art Center Minneapolis

The Vincent Biennial Award, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Give (a) way, The 6th International Limerick Biennial,
“Unhomely”, International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville (BIACS), Seville, Spain

“New Europe. The Culture of Mixing and Politic of Representation” Generali Foundation Wien
“Istanbul”, The 9’th Istanbul Biennial
“I still believe in Miracles. Dessins sans papier” ARC Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Couvent de Cordeliers, Paris

“Open City-Models for Use” Kokerei Zollverein, Zeitgenossische Kunst und Kritik, Essen

“Arteast Collection, 2000+”Moderna Galerija Lublijana SL, Orangerie Innsbruck, A and ZKM Karlsruhe,

"Body and the East" Moderna Galerija Ljubjana, Exit Art New York

"After the Wall" Moderna Museet Stockholm, Ludwig Museum Budapest,
Hamburger Bahnhoff Berlin

Manifesta 2, Luxembourg

"Beyond Belief', Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia

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Dan Perjovschi

Dan Perjovschi