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Siniša Majkus was born in 1962 in Rijeka, Croatia. He is a contemporary sculptor who, using metal wire, creates sculptures which have the characteristics of spatial drawings. He currently lives and works in Matulji, Croatia.

Majkus graduated in 1989 at the University of Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts under the class of Miroslav Šutej. He is currently a senior assistant at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Rijeka. Siniša Majkus’s works fall into the emergence of a new school of sculpture in Croatia during the 90s.[1] This new wave of sculpture focused on appropriating everyday objects and materials in order to create an aesthetic of the everyday. Majkus adopted metal wire as his primary sculptural medium. Majkus then twists and morphs the wire into three-dimensional forms as a pencil would draw line and create shape on paper, and it is for this reason that his works are often described as a ‘sculptural drawings’.

In addition to participating at many solo and group exhibitions, he is also the recipient of several awards, including the University of Zagreb, Rector’s Award (1988), Second Prize at the Mediterranean Youth Biennale (1995) and the 6th Croatian Sculpture Triennial Award (1997). He also won the annual Vladimir Nazor Award for his exhibition, Embryo at the Art Pavilion in Zagreb (2004).

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Siniša Majkus

Siniša Majkus