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Exhibitions of the artist:

 Đorđe Jandrić was born on 7 December 1956 in Zadar. In 1975 he started studying architecture at the University in Zagreb. In 1978 he entered the Department for Pedagogy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and the history of arts at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences also in Zagreb. He graduated in 1985 under the mentorship of Professor Josip Bifel and acquired the title of the professor of arts and crafts. From 1985 to 1991 he works as a teacher in several primary and middle schools. . As of 2007 he teaches sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.

In 1986 Đorđe Jandrić became member of the Croatian Association of Artists in Zagreb and from 1993 he is a member of the Croatian Association of Independent Artists.

Starting from 1981 he is regularly exposing at individual and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. He received numerous awards.

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Đorđe Jandrić

Đorđe Jandrić