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Vlado Martek
A poet, conceptual artist, painter, essayist (Zagreb, 1951). He graduated in literature and philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in 1976. In the beginning, he was engaged in visual and concrete poetry (entitled: pre-poetry), and, from the middle of the seventies - in conceptualism, actionism (with a Group of six authors), artistic books, and out print (22 samizdat publications, fliers, posters, postcards). From the beginning of the eighties, he was engaged in painting, sculpturing, graphic arts, land art. He exhibited at a great exhibition: Zeichnen im Fluss, in Museum des XX Jahrhunderts, in Vienna in 1990. During 1997, he was staying in Lyon, where he prepared an exhibition. He writes texts on poetry, texts and critiques on visual art practices. Recently, he has returned to projects in the spirit of conceptualism. He published eleven books - from poetry collections, a collection of texts and staged photographs to books of essays on modern art, and two co-author publications of graphic maps. In 2002, the monograph: Martek-fatalne figure umjetnika (Martek-fatal Figures of an Artist), written by M. Šuvaković, was published. In 2008, a retrospective exhibition was held in the Modern Gallery in Zagreb (Vlado Martek, 1972-2007). He had independent exhibitions in Berlin, Prague, Paris… Three works of art from the conceptualistic practice phase are in the collection of the Pompidou Museum in Paris.

He is a member of DHK (The Croatian Writers' Association) and HDLU (The Croatian Association of Visual Artists). He lives and works in Zagreb and Rovinj.

Until now, he has published the following books:
Imajte me (Have Me), Ap-art, Kranj, 1995,
Akcije pisanja: bol u tekstu (Writing Actions: Pain in Text), 1977-1996, Naklada MD-SCCA, Zagreb, 1997,
Volim čitati poeziju (I Love to Read Poetry), Naklada MD, Zagreb, 2001,
Pazi oštri tekstovi (Beware of Dangerous Texts), Horetzky, Zagreb, 2005,
Neprilagođeni: eseji iz likovnosti (Unadapted: Essays from Visual-Art Terms), MH, Zagreb, 2005,
Predpoezija (Pre-poetry), HDP-Durieux, Zagreb, 2006,
Pazi, tužni radovi (Watch Out, Sad Works of Art), Lapidarium Museum, Novigrad, 2007,
Pred-antologija (Pre-anthology), Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E, Ljubljana, 2008,
Konceptualistička poezija (Conceptualism Poetry), MSU, Zagreb, 2010,
Poezija se piše poniznošću (Poetry is Written with Humbleness), DHK, Zagreb, 2010,
Poezija u akciji (Poetry in Action), DELVE, Zagreb, 2010,
Sonetomanija (Sonnetomania), DAF, Zagreb, 2014.

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Vlado Martek

Vlado Martek