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Exhibitions of the artist:

Was born on the 3rd February 1924, in Podgorica, Montenegro.
Tomo was his father, and his mother was Danica.
Grew up in inland town of some size Niksic and small mountain
place Savnik, where for the first time he heard about remote
and strange New York and rich America from one of his grandfathers.
From the other he used to learn about magnificent orthodox
monastery of Chilandar and numerous churches.
Finished primary and secondary school in Niksic.
Remembers himself as a schoolboy admiring “some statues”
realizing them to be great works of human skill, although it is
never discovered if those works had any artistic value.
Was a soldier in the Sixth Montenegrin Brigade.
Sometimes he made portraits of his fellow partizans /``what he
sees, he paints``, it was said for him/. He had a part in fighting
but within short time he was proposed to work in the headquarters
of his brigade.
He was an illustrator in a new founded newspaper. Titles, illustrations
and caricatures were his first ``printed `` works.
Left the Army in the month of February.
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade - Department
of Sculpture, in the class of Prof. Alojz Dolinar. It was then
that his first sculptures appeared.
First he enrolled at the Academy - Department of Painting,
shortly he decided to join the Department of Sculpture.
Moved to Herceg Novi, Mediterranean picturesque town, full
with history and everyday events. The town clenched by the city
walls, situated between Port Terra and Port Mare, became the
paradigm of the entire humanity through his painting. He was
offered a teaching position at the newly established School of
Artistic Crafts, which took the name of the famous Cetinje-Novi
Art School.
He became a member of the Association of Painters of Montenegro.
On the 3rd December at 4.30 p.m. his first painting appeared,
dedicated to the mole of Herceg Novi.
He read the correspondence between Theo and Vincent van
Gogh. He discovered in these letters the joy of creation and that
was great impulse on his painting.
Exhibited his first portraits and landscapes in Titograd /Podgorica/
and Belgrade.
Married Nada /nee Marovic/, a prominent sculpture. At that
time they were poor but just on the day of their wedding Vojo
got his first fee from the selling of his painting. Their son Tomo
was born, a pianist.
Their home was in an Austro-Hungarian customs station, near
the railway tracks that represented the link between Vienna and
the Adriatic. Once he settled down at the so-called Square he
made an atelier out of a little room in the attic, with a window
looking at the open sea while `cosmos passed under his window.

His stay in Paris revealed important artistic secrets. In Paris he
was able to acquaint himself with the heritage of surrealists as
well as with the works of great painters. He became a professor
at the High Teacher Training School, Department of Arts.
The Statue of Jovan Tomasevic was his last sculpture work when
he abandoned this creative medium and lastingly returned to
The High Teacher Training School, Departments of Art was
closed. Stanic lost his post. He remained to live and work in Herceg
Novi, as a free artist.
Two visits and stay in Norway. In Oslo he was accepted to be a
great artist himself. His short stories were published in Norwegian.
Many of his paintings found their places in galleries, collections
and private residence. Ship-owner Skaugen included the
thirteen of his paintings in his ship-gallery collection together
with the works of Braque, Toulouse-Lautrec, Hartung…
It was the period of his residence in Roma. Giorgio Mansardo,
the owner of the Giulia Gallery in Roma helped Stanic to enrich
himself with the experience of Italy.
He spent some time in Rome again, exhibiting his works.
He was a corresponding member of the Montenegrin Academy
of Science and Art.
Since this year he has been a full member of the Montenegrin
Academy of Science and Art. He is a member of Matica of Montenegro
and of the Montenegrin PEN Center as well.
As a humanist and an active artist, he stood against the bombardment
of the famous city Dubrovnik in ex-Yugoslavia.
The seventieth anniversary of his birth was celebrated at the
Montenegrin Academy of Science and Art.
The representative of Monte Negro at the Venetian Biennial.
Became a member of the Deoclean Academy of Science
and Art.
Was invited to be a quest of the professor Robert Boyers from
Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Celebrated the eightieth
anniversary of his birth.
His impression on Moscow was formed during four days in April.
It was his first and only one visit to Russia. He stayed at the enormous
hotel Russia. Looking from the window towards the
Kremlin he said one could see spacious history of Russia from
there. In New York, history was compensated by height.

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