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Exhibitions of the artist:

JOSIP PINO TROSTMANN was born in Dubrovnik on 9 June 1938. Already as a ten year old boy he
attended the evening school of Ivo Dulčić portraits. In 1963 he graduated from the Zagreb Academy of
Visual Arts under Ð. Tiljak and I. Režek. That same year Trostmann became a member of the Croatian
Visual Artists Association (HDLU), and from 1968 to his retirement he was engaged in pedagogic
work. He has had about eighty representative one-man exhibitions at home and abroad, and has also
taken part in a large number of prominent group exhibitions. In 2005/2006 he had three retrospective
exhibitions (Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik) on the occasion of the publishing of the TROSTMANN Monograph
by T. Maroević. Josip Pino Trostmann is the winner of several prestigious awards and recognitions.
He currently lives and works in Dubrovnik.

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Josip Trostmann

Josip Trostmann