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Exhibitions of the artist:
Tihomir Lončar was born at Vinagora in 1953. He finished the Zagreb School of Fine Arts in 1974, and then entered the Art Academy in September of the same year. He was in the class of professor Vasilije Jordan. He graduated in 1980. Lončar organized his first one-man show in 1985. Since then he has organized some 30 one-man shows, out of which the most prominent ones were- a big monographic exhibition organized at the Museum of Art and Craft in Zagreb, in 1993; and Three Seasons, an exhibition organized in Art Pavilion in Zagreb, in 1999. His life and work have been described in two books – Stanko Špoljarić edited The Monograph of Tihomir Lončar, which was published by Kontura in 1995; and, Vladimir Bužančić edited The Painting of the Painting, which was published in 2000. He has also published a few graphic portfolios and has participated in numerous group exhibitions.
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Tihomir Lončar

Tihomir Lončar