Ante Rašić

“Dragi tata, kod mene se nije ništa promijenilo....“ 

Rašić’s mental designation for his works rests on a constant inner process of existential queries that from the unconscious strata of the being rise primarily to consciousness. With a richness of imagination and a constant, long-lasting cyclical observation, this process tells of the polysemous, complex inner viewpoint of the author, which is not easy to classify. The multiplied views are directed at once from a complex angle of vision to numbers of different directions and then, pulling after them numerous reminiscences, symbolically and reductively, during long-lasting states in which they are still polyvalent, are finally given objective form and expressed by the production of the exhibition and, released into the world, live their own life in space and time. This is an investigative, analytical and questing viewpoint that at once watches its own being and its belief in art, its mirroring, infectedness, occasional dubiety, mimicry and constant wonder and suffusion with it as one of the ways in which man and the world are symbolically interpreted, with a current inquiry into the age when it seems that the worlds of art are all around us, where is it all going to? 

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