Goran Trbuljak - Torbuljaks

 What is Torbuljak, and what are torbuljaks

Here are some remarks about the text you – the reader – are holding; or better said some warnings. After having written this text I divided it into three parts to ease the reading.
I have concluded that its first part will be sufficient also for the uninformed reader to understand the works in the exhibit. I think it is not particularly difficult, and it contains everything important regarding exhibited works.
After having already divided the text into three parts, I kept adding to its second and third part, already difficult to read. Over time they expanded and grew thicker, became longer and more tiresome.
Namely, the second part of the text contains thoughts and theses that may not only be boring, as they repeat what has already been said, but due to their arbitrariness they may also unnerve the reader versed in the matter.
I entrust the third part of the text only to the most benevolent of readers. This part expands the main topic, and sometimes digresses from it. Moreover, it contains historic references overflowing with dates, with interpretations that connoisseurs might find difficult to accept, and everyone else uninteresting to read.
Therefore I warn the readers who became disconcerted at the very beginning to give up reading the text immediately after the last sentence of the first part.

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